If you want to be amused and sometimes become a little annoyed, Google the television ads for some of the favourite old cars that you may have owned. Annoyed because had we kept those cars, what they are worth now!!!

As an example, through a connection who worked at Chrysler’s Tonsley Park factory in Adelaide, I was able to purchase a new 1977 Chrysler Charger 770 and loved it. I really wanted the R/T E49 with the triple Webber carbies and 4 speed gear box, but sadly at $3,975 I couldn’t afford it. Today I still can’t afford one as a good one will fetch the high $200,000s!!
One thing I can do today though, is chuckle at the television campaign Chrysler produced for the Charger more than 40 years ago, the infamous ‘Hey Charger’ ad campaign!

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