Harley Davidson’s latest addition – an electric bike

Whilst on the electric theme, in 2014 Harley Davidson announced to the world they were going to build an electric motorbike and unveiled their concept bike The Live Wire. At the time many were intrigued as to how one of the world’s most famous motorcycle manufactures whose reputation is based on big thumping bikes with thundering sounds, could cope with an environmentally friendly, silent motorbike.

To prove the sceptics wrong, late last year they released the much awaited Live Wire to the market as a fully fledged Harley production model and to date all indications would suggest that they’ve done a pretty good job.

What’s refreshing is they haven’t tried to replicate the traditional Harley in any way and instead have built a unique motorbike that ticks nearly all the boxes for the environmentally conscious motorbike enthusiast. It delivers good handling and performance but like all electric vehicles at the moment, particularly here in Australia, it’s the distance between charges, where you charge them, and how quickly a re-charge takes which may not be ticked.

Put simply, if long distance rides with Harleys melodic engine tone drowning out all the sounds of nature aren’t really important to you, you may like to look at this review on the new Harley Davidson Live Wire.

Not to rest on their laurels, several weeks ago Harley Davidson also announced their next electric bike, currently known as ‘the mid power option’, and the question is, will it take four years before we see it on our roads?

After LiveWire, here’s a look at Harley Davidson’s next electric motorcycle

I love the idea of an electric motorbike that delivers great handling and performance, but I think I’m a little old school in that rather than an electric drill on 2 wheels that could easily scare the hell out of me, I’d rather straddle a machine that coughs, splutters, vibrates and sounds like a thunder storm in your helmet every time you floor it…… which according to some members of my family ……”is really irresponsible Dad”!!!

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