Geoff Taylor’s love affair with Targa Tasmania

Although Tarmac Rallying is now a recognized Motorsport in Australia, with annual events held regularly in most states of the country, in 1992 it was a very different story.

That was the year Australia’s first genuine Tarmac Rally, Targa Tasmania was launched, and this year will see the twenty-ninth running of the event from April 27th to May 2nd . Although that first Targa was relatively small compared to today’s events, it quickly grew into one of our major motoring events and is internationally regarded as one of the best Tarmac Rallies in the world.

Victorian motor racing fan Geoff Taylor is the only person to have competed in all Targa Tasmania’s and will again be at the starting line for this years’ 29 th running of
the race.

In this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast, I talk with Geoff about the early days of Targa Tasmania, how he got into Tarmac Rallying and why he keeps going back to
the Apple Isle.

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