As a Formula 1 fan for many years,
I’ve been lucky to attend nearly all
of the Australian Grand Prix’s since
they started in Adelaide back in 1985.
Incidentally, a great trivia question
is “Who won that race?” It was Keke Rosberg and famously, that race saw Niki Lauder crash out due to brake failure and would be the last Grand Prix race he ever competed in.


If you’re a F1 fan like me and feel like a television binge session, you need to see ‘Formula 1 – Drive to Survive’ on Netflix. It’s an amazing series by the producer of ‘Senna’ that takes a look at 2018 – a look into the world of Formula 1 which most of us have never seen before. You meet the families and in particular, Daniel Ricciardo’s mum on a race day. You see the teams and their rivalry and what goes on behind the driver’s visors … in this exclusive all-access documentary series.

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