‘Felicity Ace’ Cargo ship fire

I reckon the most asked question by motoring enthusiast around the world last month was ‘Did you hear about the cargo ship full of luxury cars that caught fire?’

If you didn’t hear about it, this NBC news story gives a good over-view of the initial incident that occurred on February 22nd just of the Azures in the Atlantic Ocean:

Cargo Ship with Luxury Cars on fire – NBC News

Then the next question that was being asked for a couple of weeks after the initial report was, ‘Do you know what happened to the cargo ship full of luxury cars that caught fire in the Atlantic Ocean?’

Well, the short answer is that on March 2nd it along with its estimated cargo of more than US$400 million of luxury cars sunk, as explained in this Motor article:

Cargo Ship Sinks – Motor

So, what’s the situation now, the ‘Felicity Ace’ and its cargo are on the bottom of the ocean, environmental groups are monitoring the area for oil leakages, the car companies have commenced building replacement vehicles for miffed customers who’ve been waiting for many months already and the insurance company has some work to do!!

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