Famous Faces on Garage 41

Famous Insurance is a supporter of Garage 41, which can be seen on 7mate Saturdays at 3pm and replayed the following Wednesday at 5pm. The whole series can be viewed anytime on 7plus, the website is Garage 41 and there
are facebook and instagram pages as well a Garage 41 TV youtube channel.

Each week on the show a Famous Face is featured who maybe someone you know or have heard of who has a love of motoring.

Go to https://7plus.com.au/garage-41 to view our Famous Faces for Famous Insurance in June, who were:

Episode 8: Car racer, engineer and and all round car nut Steve Hoinville. With E-sports and E-racing being an integral part of the times we live in, Steve is the founder and developer of Motum Simulation, a high-end motion simulator that is a perfect way to practise your racing skills whilst you can’t go on track.

Episode 9: One of Australia’s most high profile chefs and food authors Guy Grossi joins the show. Although known for his food and time as host of Australian Iron Chef, Guy also has a love of cars and tells us why one particular Holden Kingswood is so special to him and also his favourite car, the Maseratti.

Episode 10: Molly Taylor is one of Australia’s top dirt rally drivers. She is the first woman driver to win the Australian Rally Championship outright competition and 2 years in a row was the British Ladies Rally Championship, and she joins us to
talk about her career and her passion for the sport.

Episode 11: Rob Herrod from Herrod Performance Vehicles started out hotting up Ford utes on the outskirts of Melbourne, he’s grown his business to now being one of the few in the world to be building cars in conjunction with Ford – a bit like Caroll Shelby, and according to the boys, his supercharged R-Spec Mustang is an absolute winner.

Garage 41 features Dave Morley, Mike Sinclair and myself and is supported by Famous Insurance and is filmed at Dutton Garage in Melbourne.

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