Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon

One of the most talked-about television shows in Britain recently is Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon Prime Video series – ‘Clarkson’s Farm’.

As the title suggests, the series is based around The Grand Tours Jeremy Clarkson and his ‘Diddly Squat Farm’ about 100 miles northwest of London in the picturesque English Cotswolds area. In fact, the farm would be known to Grand Tour viewers as in 2016, it was featured in the first series when Clarkson lost a bet, and James May and Richard Hammond couldn’t wait to make him pay up as this following clip shows:

The Grand Tour and Jeremy Clarkson’s farm

Although Jeremy Clarkson has been a familiar face on British television screens for more than thirty years, primarily as host of Top Gear and now The Grand Tour, this very funny new series follows him for twelve months as he tries to make money from his farm.

Yes, the show features some cars and machinery, after all he drives a Lamborghini – all be it a very big Lamborghini Trattori R8 270 DCR tractor which is described as “Total domination with class”; it does utilise a fast car – the off-road Bentley GT Continental which Clarkson modified and used to find hidden treasure on the island of Madagascar; and like all English gentlemen farmers he drives a Range Rover – which I’m pleased to say is treated very poorly and refreshingly used as a work ute!

But what makes this series compelling viewing are the local people who help Clarkson around the farm, like the young farmhand Kaleb, ‘Cheerful Charlie’ the agronomist and farm agent, Ellen the shepherdess, Gerald the fence builder come head of security and his girlfriend Lisa, all of whom throughout the series show Jeremy very little respect.

Here is the shows trailer and I hope you enjoy the series as much as I did:

Clarkson’s Farm Trailer

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