Bungy Jumping without a cord …. What the!!!!

This story has nothing to do with cars, motorbikes or driving in anyway, but I just had to show you it.

Many years ago I did some sky diving and really enjoyed it, ….. nowadays I can’t figure out why you’d want to step out of a perfectly good plane at 5,000 metres. So, when my son Olly and I were recently in Queenstown, New Zealand, he was keen to go Bungy Jumping and asked if I’d join him, but unfortunately, I had things to do, like check the bread rising at the local bakery!

Needless to say, Olly went along to AJ Hackett Bungy, jumped from 134 meters above the Nevis River and had an amazing time. I’ve relived the moment with him many times when watching his video.

Consequently, I was fascinated when I came across this story about Bungy jumping without any form of harness or elastic cord, the only security blanket is a magnetic jumping suite.

Check this out:

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