Brian Tanti believes that getting your hands dirty is good for you and your kids

Brian Tanti is one of Australia’s most respected restorers and coachbuilders and highly regarded by many around the world. In fact Lord Elgin, the World President of the 20-Ghost Club, the oldest Rolls Royce Club in the world, described Brian as ‘without peer and certainly the best he has ever seen’.

Born in Malta, Brian and his family came to Australia when he was a child and he went to school in Melbourne, where some may say he didn’t overly excel. So at the first opportunity he left to start a panel beating apprenticeship and was soon restoring classic Rolls-Royces in the UK.

On returning to Australia, he worked on Ferrari’s, then spent nearly 30 years managing transport giant Lindsay Fox’s amazing classic car collection and he now runs the Brian Tanti Workshop in Sydney, which let me assure you, is no usual workshop.

Over his work journey he’s achieved so much, and wherever possible he’s assisted and inspired many young people to achieve their goals. He’s one of the most knowledgeable car people I’ve ever met, and probably the most humble as well.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous podcast, as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Brian Tanti.

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