Amazing Race Car Soundtracks

I love the sound of cars, in particular race cars at speed like the old V8 F1’s or the highly strung turbo rally cars as they break the tranquillity of a forest with their high-pitched popping and farting sounds. Many years ago, I was lucky enough to go on a road trip for a week in an old three-cylinder, seven litre genuine Double Decker London bus and I still vividly remember falling asleep near the engine compartment to the slow pumping of those 3 huge pistons plodding along at 800rpm, and doing 60kms/hr, it was music to my ears.

That’s a little bit different to the sounds of these 2021 Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup MR Pro cars as they lap the famous Monza Circuit, and in particular, I love the sound of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic (a.k.a. PDK) transmissions getting a real workout.

2 x Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup MR Pro 2021 at Monza Circuit

I mentioned earlier in this Famous Last Words, the 1983 World Rally Championship battle between Lancia and Audi, so I think it’s appropriate to let you hear the amazing sound of a Lancia Stratos, with its 2.4 litre V6 Ferrari motor being driven at speed by Seb Perez in the recent Roger Albert Clark Rally. It was also nearly 50 years ago from when the original Lancia Stratos took part in the same rally through the Kielder Forest in Northumberland, England.

Regarded as Britain’s most challenging special stage rally, the Roger Albert Clark Rally was established in 2004 to recreate the route of the “classic” five-day long RAC Rally and is undertaken mainly in Wales. It recreates a golden era of rallying in the UK when Roger Clark was at his peak, and the original RAC Rally was a multi-day test for every competitor.

The RAC Rally cars are limited to vehicles released prior to 1982 and traces a route through classic stages in Scotland and northern England, such as the Kielder Forest and Grizdale Forest stages that are no longer part of the modern WRC rallies.

As you’ll see from the following video, the star of the 2023 RAC Rally was without doubt the Lancia Stratos and to really enjoy it, make sure you turn the volume right up, it sounds amazing.

Lancia Stratos Screams at the 2023 Roger Albert Clark Rally – Hairpin Motorsport Media

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