All Australian and amongst the best in the world – Motum Simulation

Firstly, I hope all are safe and well as the world faces the Covid 19 pandemic in various ways. Social distancing is a term I’d never heard of 3 months ago, yet that and isolation have become the norm in so many ways.

For me the penny dropped when the Grand Prix and many other major events were cancelled and realization started to set in. What I find interesting is how many people and organisations adapted to the times ahead, where business practices and work models were quickly changed to ensure survival.

One example in the motor racing world is the fast tracking of the Australian Supercar and TCR E Series, which are gaining good traction with fans and viewers alike.

Fox Sports 506 broadcasts the Supercars Eseries live on Wednesdays at 7pm (EST) with qualifying at 6pm, while the Australian Racing Groups eSport Cup is streamed in real-time on Facebook and Youtube, with drivers from a variety of racing disciplines like TCR Australia, S5000, Touring Car Masters and V8 Touring Cars.

Here is a link to a video stream of their first race at Bathurst.

While on Esports and simulators, I want to give a shout out to an Australian company that manufactures and sells the world’s first portable 6DOF motion simulator with immersive virtual reality. This simulator is very exciting to race in and literarily allows you to take the racetrack with you anywhere.

The company is called Motum Simulation and their website gives an overview of what is a very exciting company.

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