Age never wearies a Classic Car Lover

Margaret Dunning is an amazing lady and without doubt a true classic car lover who always turns heads when driving her magnificent 1930 Packard around her home town of Plymouth, Michigan.

I loved this video when I first saw it, as it highlighted how a genuine interest in cars and motorcycles so easily breaks down barriers between individuals. I regularly see it at events where people from opposing walks of lives, wealth, beliefs and age can spend time discussing vehicles without any prejudices.

In the following video, one hundred and one year old Margaret shows us her beautiful 1930 Straight Eight 740 Packard, a car she has owned for many years and still loves immensely.

For your interest, Packard were the vehicle of choice of many 1920’s movies stars, as they manufactured some of America’s most desirable cars.

Powered by a 90hp low-compression 6.3 litre alloy-head inline 8-cylinder motor, it’s an
incredibly smooth and quiet car for its time, mainly due to its then revolutionary rubber engine mounts and fully synchromeshed 4-speed gearbox. Also standard was what was known as the Packard Ride Control, an adjustable hydraulic Shock Absorber system that could easily be changed on the dash-board.

New, the Packard 740 sold for around US$4,000 and today, one in the condition of Margaret’s would set you back around AUS$150,000.

Enjoy Two Classics, One Car:

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