A Targa Tasmania Porsche 356 now on skis!

2022 is going to be a very big year for Tarmac Rally enthusiast in Australia, with the running of the 30th Anniversary Targa Tasmania from April 26th to May 1st. With what looks like being the biggest field of cars to take part over both the Competition and Touring Categories, it’s recommended that if you’re thinking of taking part it would pay to act quickly.

Click on 30th Anniversary Targa Tasmania for information on the Competition and Touring Categories.

I’m looking forward to again competing in Targa Tasmania, not only for the opportunity to race on some of our country’s most amazing roads, but also for catching up with old friends and many interesting people.

As an example, in 2017 I met an American lady by the name of Renée Brinkerhoff who entered a 1956 Porsche 356 A in Targa Tasmania as a part of her Project 356 World Rally Tour, whereby she aimed to rally in endurance events on all seven continents of the world. Although the racing was a personal challenge to Renée, her real motivation was to create awareness of her pursuit to raise over $1million to combat child trafficking, and to provide critical support and care to victims around the world.

To date and in addition to Targa Tasmania, amateur rally driver Renée has competed in endurance rallies such as the Peking-to-Paris, East African Safari Classic Rally and La Carrera Panamericana where she has tackled nearly 32,000 kilometres of rough to non-existent roads.

Having already competed in the 356A on six continents across all types of surfaces, later this month she and British explorer Jason de Carteret will complete the final leg of this amazing project with a 587-kilometre adventure in Antarctica. To do this they have had to make some major modifications to the Porsche, which would have to be the most adventurous Porsche ever devised.

Tracks have replaced the rear tyres and skis have been attached in place of wheels at the front. A new single-arm suspension system and coil-over shock absorbers have been added to the rear tracks with an extra brace also fitted. The additions have meant a weight increase but there have been several countermeasures in order to prevent the tracks from digging into the ice. Spiked tyres will also be available should the journey require them.

Renée and her Valkyrie Racing team have already sent the Porsche to Chile where it will then be air-shipped to Antarctica aiming to arrive on December 5, when the expedition will then begin and should be completed before the end of 2021.

Having had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Renée Brinkerhoff in Tasmania in 2017, I have no doubts that she and Jason will achieve their goal in Antarctica, and they should be incredibly proud of the awareness they have created for the plight of children affected by child slavery around the world. The Valkyrie Racing website gives more information on the adventure and how you can donate to their charity work.

My only question is what her next project is going to be?

This Top Gear article on Renée’s Porsche 356, gives a great insight into the 356 World Rally Tour Project.

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