1979 Repco Round Australia Reliability Trial television program

To mark the 40 th Anniversary of the 1979 Repco Round Australia Reliability Trial, on August 5 th this year, 45 pre-1980 rear wheel cars departed Melbourne to travel 15,000 kms over a much more sedate 28 days taking in the major cities of Perth, Darwin and Cairns and many outback roads in between.

While it’s not the same trip as 40 years ago, the group visited many of the same places and drove on the same roads as the 1979 trial, and wherever they went, they received fantastic support from the local communities.

To give you an idea as to why racing fans of that era and true motoring racing enthusiasts have such fond memories of this particular Round Australia Trial, you may like to click on this link to have a look at the documentary produced on the event.

1979 Repco Round Australia Reliability Trial Doco

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