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Famous Motor Insurance offers comprehensive and third party cover.

Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive Insurance covers you for damage to your motorcycle as well as damage to another person's vehicle or property.

Third Party Cover
Third Party covers you for damage your motorcycle may cause to another person's vehicle or property. It doesn't cover you for damage to your own motorcycle though. Premiums are therefore often lower than they would be for your vehicle if it had full comprehensive cover.

No claims bonus
All vehicle insurance gives a discount for good driving. This is called your no claims bonus and is calculated by the number of years you have been driving without a claim.

The excess is the amount of money you have to pay towards the cost of a claim if you were at fault, failed to get the other driver's details or the other driver is a family member or person who resides with you.

All insurance policies have exclusions which won't be covered - it's important to read this information and make sure you know what will be covered. Some of the exclusions Famous has are:

  • We will not cover claims if the motorcycle is being used illegally or for unlawful purposes.
  • You will not be covered if the motorcycle is being driven by any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • We will not cover any driver who has not been named on the policy.
  • Read the other exclusions in our policy wording.

Most insurance lasts one year. About 4 weeks prior to your insurance expiring your insurance company will contact you with your renewal documents. These will set out the details of your motorcycle and cover and what your insurance will cost for the following year. Sometimes it may be more but sometimes it may be less. This may depend on things like whether you have changed your motorcycle or your address so it's useful to keep your insurance company informed of changes.

The insurance company will send you a policy wording and product disclosure statement containing information about the product. They will also send you a Financial Services Guide with information about the company offering the insurance.

Other things to think about when buying your insurance:

  • What happens in the event of a claim - can you phone your insurer at any time of the day or night?
  • Do they let you choose who you want to repair your motorcycle and if you don't know anyone will they help you find someone?
  • What happens if your new motorcycle is destroyed within the first two years of its life - will they replace it?
  • Will they give you a better deal if you use your motorcycle infrequently?

Famous does all this and more.

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision to purchase this product. You can obtain a copy by calling us for a quote.

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